Activity Areas

Administrative Law and Public Procurement

Direito Administrativo e Contratação Pública

In the area of Administrative Law and Public Procurement, Saragoça da Matta e Silveiro de Barros Law Firm SM&SB – provides legal advice and Court representation in all areas of so-called regulatory law, having accumulated intense experience in cases such as the following:

– Administrative litigation cases;

Public procurement cases, particularly in the domain of public entities construction works, supplies and services, as advice on training procedures in public procurement.

Processes in the spatial planning and urbanism areas, environment and natural resources (water and sanitation, mining, recycling, energy) particularly supporting licensing procedures for commercial, industrial and touristic units, urban housing development and private works operations.

– Transport and communications, internal affairs and health administration cases.


On this field, and with public recognition, reference must be made to the judgments relating to the updating of compensatory amounts under the agrarian reform as mentioned.
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