Activity Areas

Constitutional Law and Public International Law

Direito Constitucional e Direito Internacional Público

In the constitutional and international law domain, SM&SB’s practice is essentially centred on the litigation areas at the Constitutional Court and international jurisdictional courts, namely, the European Court of Human Rights.

The experience of litigation next to the highest instances of the Public International law, which protect the fundamental rights of citizens, begun early in SM&SB, being example the two public following recognized cases.


– Decision of the European Court of Human Rights Almeida Garrett e Mascarenhas Falcão vs. The Portuguese State (right to compensation for violation of the right to indemnity for expropriation within the ambit the agrarian reform).
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Constitutional Court judgment on the interruption of the prescription delay in criminal proceedings: declaration of unconstitutionality of the understanding of interruption of the prescription delay.
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