Activity Areas

Criminal Law and Administrative law offences

Direito Penal e Contra ordenações

The area of the Criminal Law, covering administrative law offences, has been developed exponentially, “pari passu” with increasing intervention of the State in many areas of economic activity, financial, environmental, health, etc.

The sponge effect” of Criminal Law, leaded Saragoça da Matta e Silveiro de Barros Law Firm SM&SB – to strongly participate, since its foundation, in the development of a particular strong expertise in the area of criminal law and administrative law offenses, that leads to intervene, often on behalf of individuals and institutions who wish to defend themselves / attend / follow criminal proceedings.

Thus, SM&SB has developed a high degree of expertise in criminal proceedings such as:

Criminal cases against honour and against property,
Criminal environmental offenses cases and public health cases,
Economic criminal cases, tax and Social Security offences,
Criminal cases regarding money laundering, financial crime and capital market,
Criminal cases of political office holders, and crimes against corporations or public institutions, labour crimes, etc.

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