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Direito Penal e Contra ordenações

Established in 2001, the Law Firm Saragoça da Matta e Silveiro de Barros SM&SB  is the outcome of the founding partners’ desire to establish a law firm which brings together professionals with extensive experience gained from working in law practice and business consultancy firms. Since the foundation it has been known as a small firm, and thus wishing to remain so, the selection of professionals is based on the overriding goal of securing a high degree of professionalism, trust, dedication and dynamism.


The professionals of the SM&SB are guided by a high degree of professionalism, trust, dedication and dynamism, with the main objective to provide legal services and business advice that portray a creative and innovative approach, and which corresponds to the increasingly more complex demands of modern times.

The accumulation of experience combined with a constant updating of knowledge; the quality standards; the secrecy and the discrecy; the celerity and the effectiveness and the close relationship with customers are some of the values that lead the team of SM&SB.

The daily commitments at SM&SB are the provision of a service:
– Always available and attentive to the customer’s interests;
– Marked by a stamp of modernity and high standards of technical quality;
– Rapid resolution of problems;
– Marked by an absolute discretion.


SM&SB is a law firm dedicated to providing services in various areas of legal practice and business advice.

Faithful to its aims of a reduced structure and dimension, SM&SB always understood that a high degree of specialization in a particular legal area reduces the capacity and the creativity, as well as the degree of efficiency in the services provided.

Thus, the professionals are multifaceted and experience holders in at least three areas of law, providing legal advice in each of the areas of experience and litigation associated.


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SM&SB Sociedade de Advogados - Todos os Direitos Reservados / 2021